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Complaints will be treated positively and used as an opportunity to improve the level of service provided. The complaints procedure forms part of the company’s quality management process.

Salus operates a simple three step approach for ease of handling complaints. This policy is reviewed annually by the directors to ensure that whatever improvements to our service can be made, they are identified and acted upon, thereby building upon our reputation of providing one of the most efficient and professional Building Control and Fire Safety consultancy services in the UK.

The Procedure

Step One

Clients who wish to complain about any aspect of the service that they have received from Salus are requested to initially contact the Project Manager who dealt with their project. Contact should be made either in writing or by telephone where the Project Manager will aim to rectify the complaint either:

Immediately over the telephone, or

by visiting the client within three working days

Where the Project Manager is temporarily unavailable to deal with the issue, a Director from the company will write to the client within two working days and inform them of the date and time when a personal response from the Project Manager can be expected. In any event, this response will be within fourteen days.

In most cases, contacting the Project Manager direct will rectify the issue. If however, the client is dissatisfied with the outcome of this response, they may progress their complaint to the second stage of this procedure.

Step Two

A Director of the company will then investigate the complaint and will:

Contact the client within five days to discuss the complaint

Liase with the Project Manager involved in the project

Write to the client within seven days with findings of the investigation

Take the necessary steps to rectify the issue

Step Three

Where a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of this process, they have the right to appeal the decision by passing their complaint to the Construction Industry Council. 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

If you would like further information about Salus please contact our head office at or telephone 0333 800 5678.