A Guide To The Information YOU Will Need To Send To Salus Under The New Requirements

For The Building Regulations From 1st October 2023

Building Regulations for England changed on 1st October 2023.

This guide describes the information you will need to send to Salus to meet these changes for England only. 

They begin with the information needed for the Initial Notice, continue with the contact details for the people who are appointed to the new statutory duty holder roles & commencement notifications for the work itself and end with the statements of compliance needed when all or part of the work is complete. 

These are statutory requirements and must be completed, without these 4 steps being completed your building project can not commence or be completed. 

If you have any queries or require assistance please contact your quote manager or project surveyor at Salus on 0333 800 5678, who will be pleased to discuss any queries.