Are you Prepared for the changes to the Building Control Processes?

The Building Safety Requirements come into effect on 1st October 2023

Salus advise that YOU must read this HSE publication, as there far-reaching changes which will affect your ‘in scope buildings’ and the building control processes whether you are the owner, the procurer of work, a member of the design team or a member of the construction team from the 1st October.

HSE New Building Regulation-Regime information


Image: Overview of the new building control regime cover and website – HSE

Full details of the document are downloadable from Building inspector competence framework (BICoF) – Building safety – HSE

Make sure you are prepared for the changes to the Building Control system, we will be sending all existing clients an update regarding these changes forthwith.

Salus would be pleased to discuss your existing and proposed schemes, contact us here for further information.