Salus can offer you a range of energy services based on current legal specifications.

These include:

  • Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)This is a detailed analysis of a building’s energy consumption
  • Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)The Government’s guildeline assessment for Energy Rating of Dwellings
  • Air TestingA series of tests which assess air tightness, permeability and pressure.
  • Code for Sustainable Homes & BreeamOperating ‘hand in hand’ these two testing procedures aim to reduce carbon emissions by improving the energy efficiency of homes. Breeam is for the commercial sector and the Code for Sustainable Homes is for the residential market.

Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)

It is a requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations to produce SBEM calculations for all new build and larger commercial extensions

To support our Construction partners, Salus offer the provision of SBEM calculations. In addition our accredited engineers also able to provide Energy Performance Certificates upon completion.

SBEM calculations and the various modelling derivatives can involve projects of various shapes and sizes, our experienced assessors are here to support clients on the route to complying with part L in a way that meets Architects and Clients needs with advice and calculations with rapid turnaround times and cost effective pricing structures.

If you wish to discuss your SBEM requirements or if you would like us to prepare a quotation for a project then feel free to contact one of our regional offices where we will be happy to help.

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

New residential buildings have to comply with Part L1A which sets out CO2 emissions, our assessors produce calculations based on the latest version of SAP. Our team of energy assessors are highly skilled to deliver this service wherever you are building in the UK. Working proactively we can offer advice on various ways of complying with Part L

Air Testing

All our air tightness, air permeability and air pressure tests are carried out in accordance with ATTMA (Air Tightness Testing and Measuring Association) TS1 Issue 2 to BS EN 13829 method B standards, and all our test engineers are trained and accredited members of the BINDT (British Institute of Non Destructive Testing).

Code For Sustainable Homes & Breeam

Commercial Buildings account for around 18% and Dwellings account for around 27% of the carbon emissions produced in the UK. The driver of adopting the Code for Sustainable homes, similar to the objectives of Part L is to reduce carbon emissions by improving the energy efficiency of homes. Similar in the way BREEAM operates in the commercial sector, adoption of these codes is increasingly becoming a condition of planning authorities.

The governments road map to achieving zero carbon is to achieve this by 2016 for Dwellings and 2019 for commercial buildings.

Our assessors can help design teams to achieve the points scoring required by these schemes.

If you would like further information about Salus please contact our head office at or telephone  0333 800 5678.