Logical advice and direction on this extremely important life safety matter

In light of the recent devastating events and following a number of test findings it has become clear that the country is facing a fire safety epidemic, resulting from a catalogue of errors, misunderstandings and poor guidance within the industry.

Salus Approved Inspectors have already been working tirelessly with some of our clients to provide them with an insight on the implications of recent findings. Experts in fire safety consultancy, we can carry out perceptive assessments and provide our clients with clear, logical advice and direction on this extremely important life safety matter.

Working with clients to examine their buildings, scrutinizing the planning and building stages, allows us to provide comprehensive guidance and recommendations on the way forward. Whether it be on old or newly completed projects, during the build stage, or at planning, our expert knowledge and in-depth understanding of this vital subject can ensure correct interpretation and lifesaving decisions are made.

As experts in this field we can also offer specialist CPD sessions and seminars on cladding and fire safety where we visit you at your office or chosen location to discuss these areas in greater detail and depth. Why not hold a lunch time CPD session for further information and to find out how this affects you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the first instance to discuss any concerns you may have or for more information on how Salus can help.

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